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Raspberries and Pac Choi

We are open today. (Columbus Day) The stand is packed full of wonderful, beautiful produce. I have some really nice pac choi right now and the spinach is mild and good and very abundant. It is still season yet for fall raspberries and at this moment there is nobody scheduled to pick at all this week. The mild weather and sunshine makes the berries sweet and good.

I plan to plant next years garlic this week and it is time to dig the glad bulbs. All the cover crops that I planted in the past month are coming up green and beautiful- This is a wonderful time of the year. Daniel

Storage Potatoes

Potatoes by the bushel, potatoes galore, we have red, white, russet, yellow,and sweet potatoes. We dug the Irish potatoes last week in that beautiful dry weather. It gave about 5 tons of potatoes. Bushels (40 lbs) of potatoes are priced at $20. It is best if you can bring your own bag or box to put them in. We also have seconds potatoes at half price. All our potatoes are grown without the aid of chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals. Enjoy the finest.
It is time now to be getting your winter needs of onions, squash and potatoes. Carrots, beets, parsnip, turnips etc are best left in the ground as long as possible. For best storage wait for those until the last week of October. Daniel

Peppers, arugula and watermelon

We are having wonderful growing weather again. I was impressed this morning how much the spinach, lettuce, cilantro etc. grew over the weekend. The plantings that are timed for October will get ready. I was not sure about them for a bit in that cold cloudy weather a few weeks back. The arugula is exceptionally mild and sweet right now- give it a try.
Now is the time to get your sweet and hot peppers for freezing or pickling if you have not done so yet. We have lots of them right now.
I picked 3000 lbs of watermelons on Friday. From now till the pile gets small we are giving a free watermelon to anybody that buys one. (buy 1 get 1 free).
I am looking for a few good deer hunters. If interested contact me or Melvin. Daniel

September 22

We had frost the one day last week but it did not kill everything. The peppers and beans survived. The top leaves were burned off. We have a small stream of tomatoes coming from the greenhouse again. You will also find a splendid selection of all sorts of fall vegetables on the website and in our stand. This includes cabbage, beets, sweet potatoes, lettuce, white, red, and russet potatoes, kale, pak choy, celery, onions and much more. Come and check us out- you will find something that is good for your supper. Daniel

Potatoes and canning tomatoes

Fall is coming and it is getting pretty cool to be out picking early in the morning. Long johns and a good coat help a great deal however to make it ok to be out.
We have a lot of canning tomatoes right now. Last week we were picking over 1000 lbs at a time and most of them found a good home. It looks to me that the tomato supply will drop a lot soon so do not procrastinate.

We planted 1200 lbs of seed potatoes in late June. Potato bugs can be a problem for organic potatoes, however if they are planted in late June they usually do not get many bugs. This is one of the reasons we plant the largest amount of potatoes so late and only small amounts early for new potatoes. We should have a large amount of Irish potatoes available in late October. There are red, white, russet, and yellow kinds planted. Daniel

Sweet potatoes

In the next few days we plan to be starting the sweet potato harvest. They will be available for fresh eating right away. I need about a week or ten days after digging them to cure them for storage. We are also planning to start hauling winter squash in from the fields. Not all of them are ready yet. The best selection for storage Squash will be in about two to four weeks from now. Most of the onions are finished curing however The copra is not ready yet. The website is open for orders. Daniel

Fall Raspberries

Today is Labor day and yes we are open. There is a wonderful selection of good food for us to pick in the gardens this week. The website is also open for orders. This is prime tomato season. You should get your canning tomatoes in the next 2-3 weeks. You will also find a beautiful selection of all sorts of tomatoes for your sandwich or salsa. We also have the sweet onions, lettuce, and hot peppers, garlic, basil, cilantro, sweet peppers and more to complete your recipes. Fall raspberries are in season from now till mid October. We are offering them u-pick by appointment. There tends to be lots of openings as we get towards the end of the month. You will also find an intermittant supply of already picked raspberries on the stand throughout the season. Daniel

Aug 25

We are starting into the big onion harvest this week. I pulled about 1000 lbs of sweet onions this morning. In the next few days I plan to also do the storage onions. After they are harvested we put them into onion crates so that the air can circulate around them for the curing process. Even after they are cured an onion still wants some air around it for it to store well. Storage temperature for onions is 32F to 80F. If an onion is kept cold for an extended period of time and then is stored warm afterward it will tend to sprout. This is part of the reason that onions sprout so much in the spring as the cellars etc warm up. So it is best to keep onions above 50 if you can not continue to keep them cold. Our market is full of lots of good produce. I hope you can get your share of this good food. Daniel

Quality food

In spite of the cool weather there is a lot of produce here. Dad just brought the first Summercrisp pears over and there is lots of beans, peppers, tomatoes and so much more. At this moment there are 60 different kinds fresh vegetables etc. on the stand.
So what does hi quality food look like? I would answer that first it needs to do its intended jobs well which include providing nourishment to our bodies so that we can go about our work with health and energy. It needs to be fresh and should be not be contaminated with chemicals. It needs to be picked at just the right stage of growth and be handled with gentle careful hands in such a way as to protect it from damage or contamination. I hope you use the energy you get from this good food for loving and bright purposes. I am constantly working to give you the best I can. I judge quality by the way the plant and fruit look, by how it feels and smells, finally I taste my produce frequently. I also value your input- please tell me what you think. Do tell me if something is disappointing even if you do not wish for me to give you money back as this helps me in refining what I do. Daniel

Where is the honey?

The online market is open for orders. We have a big planting of beans that is getting ready this week. We can fill lots of bulk orders as this planting has grown as nice as can be. It is also time to make your winters supply of pesto. Basil is abundant now. Later as the nights get cool the basil is not near as nice. Canning tomatoes should become abundant in the later part of August.
Dad had 9 hives of bees this spring of some very good Russian stock that is doing well in this climate. He has been aggressively dividing these bees so there is 4 times as many hives now as there was. This splitting weakens each hive and they will need most of there own honey for winter and to build up in the spring. If the fall honey flow is good there may be some honey for us also but Dad says not count on it. Daniel