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It is almost autumn already. Tomatoes are at their peak. Most of the time we have a few boxes of canners packed and ready to go with no need to order ahead. We also have lots of yellow beans by the box or by the pound. We dug the first sweet potatoes today and carrots are abundant. Storage onions are cured and ready to bag. As we get to it we bag onions or you can fill a bag of whatever you like.
Peter extracted about 2,000 lbs of honey and today he left for PA with 97 of his hives. He hopes that the bees he has left up here winter well however he is spreading his risk by taking some of his hives to a warmer climate for the winter. He can also start making splits earlier in the spring down there and bring stronger hives up in the spring that can better use the early spring flowers. We have honey to sell now and if all goes well he should have bees to sell in the spring for those of you that wish to become beekeepers. Peter and Carl also still have several butcher hogs (organic feed, pasture raised) that are not spoken for. Daniel