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It is almost autumn already. Tomatoes are at their peak. Most of the time we have a few boxes of canners packed and ready to go with no need to order ahead. We also have lots of yellow beans by the box or by the pound. We dug the first sweet potatoes today and carrots are abundant. Storage onions are cured and ready to bag. As we get to it we bag onions or you can fill a bag of whatever you like.
Peter extracted about 2,000 lbs of honey and today he left for PA with 97 of his hives. He hopes that the bees he has left up here winter well however he is spreading his risk by taking some of his hives to a warmer climate for the winter. He can also start making splits earlier in the spring down there and bring stronger hives up in the spring that can better use the early spring flowers. We have honey to sell now and if all goes well he should have bees to sell in the spring for those of you that wish to become beekeepers. Peter and Carl also still have several butcher hogs (organic feed, pasture raised) that are not spoken for. Daniel

Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Edamame

It is the time of the year for lots of watermelon, cantaloupe and green soybeans (edamame) We have the sample table set up and will be cutting watermelon and cantaloupe samples throughout the following days. If a whole melon is too much for you we can cut them and sell you just a part of a melon. I planted a bed of green soybeans that are ready now. After the pods are picked off the plant we boil them for a short time in salty water till the beans pop out of the pods when the pod is squeezed. They are very good just like that… pop them right in your mouth or into a bowl for later use. The meal can be completed with a salad or tomato sandwich or corn on the cob. I only have one planting of the edamame soybeans so they will be here for just a few days then they are gone again. Daniel

Sweet onions and Carrots

Below is an updated ‘in season now’ list from Martins Farmstand. We have lots of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans, sweet onions, broccoli and so much more at the market now.
Today there is lots of corn available in small amounts or by the bagful ($20 per bag with 4-5 dozen per bag) and I have enough broccoli to sell some by the boxful. There are lots of little pickles and cucumbers. Carrots are getting nice and big. They are available with tops off by the lb or big 25lb bags. We are about half finished with the main onion harvest. The onion crop is good this year. Daniel

Cabbage, Beans, Peppers and Tomatoes

Below is an updated ‘in season now’ list from Martins Farmstand. We have lots of cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, beans and so much more. Look at the list below. Daniel

Basil, Beets and Beans in Abundance

Dear Customer:
Below is an updated ‘in season now’ list from Martins Farmstand. The steady warm weather and moisure aid the gardens. Even the weeds are growing so well that we are very busy weeding and picking. We have lots of canning beans today. The sweet onions are big enough to harvest with the onion field in general looking like a good crop. A very nice garlic crop is all harvested and curing. Basil, beets, beans, cucumbers, sunflowers, lettuce and so much more… God gives us good things to eat. The wild blackberry crop is ripening but it looks like they are few and small in the areas I am familiar with so not so good for them. Daniel

Broccoli and beans galore

Below is an updated ‘in season now’ list from Martins Farmstand. I have a large amount of very nice broccoli today. Beans and broccoli are both available by the box. ($15/ box) Tomatatoes are plenty today also. The first sweet corn is ready and lots of beans, basil, spinach, scallions, romaine and so much more. In addition to all this good food, God blessed us with an almost perfect, warm, soaking rain yesterday. The gardens will grow quickly now with sunshine, rain, and warmth. Come and get it. Daniel

Corn, Pickles, Beans today

We have lots of little pickler cukes, beans, zucchini, blueberries, tomatoes and basil today. The first 20 dozen sweet corn is ready today. (started from transplants). We have lots of other vegetables too. Come and get it. Daniel

Cut Flowers and raspberries

Below is an updated in season now list from Martins Farmstand. The gardens are happy with a nice rain yesterday and in general crops look normal. Field beans, zucchini, cabbage, basil and cucumbers are starting to come in larger amounts. The cut flowers are also starting to bloom. If any of you want cut flowers to brighten your home, office or dinner table come and be our guest. If you cut the flowers yourself they are free. The u-cut patches are located right in front of the stand building and also across the second driveway in the field north (away for 11b) of the market. If you are getting larger amounts stop at the stand and let us know what you have in mind. The only time we limit larger amounts is if the patch is getting over cut. If you are reselling the flowers then please pay us a fair portion of the resulting money.
The black raspberries are at their peak now and will be ripening into the beginning of next week. The raspberry patches will be open for u-pick during normal stand hours (10am-6 pm) starting tommorow on a first come basis (no appointment). This will last into next week as long as the season continues. Daniel

Summer Abundance, snap peas

In July the list of available produce is rapidly expanding and the prices become much more economical as we move from early intensive season extension to the normal natural period of summertime abundance. There is lots of lettuce, zucchini, cabbage, beet greens, and so much more right now. We have bushels of sugar snap peas today and plan to pick the first of the shell peas in the morning. Beans and black raspberries are just starting and will be abundant with in a few days. We are close to overstocked on lettuce and scallions. Strawberry gleaning is still open for a few days yet. Daniel

Farmstand and strawberry gleaning on the 4th of July

The farm stand is open on Monday (July 4th) from 10 am to 6 pm. There is a large selection of early summer salad ingredients such as lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, scallions, garlic scapes, cabbage and much more. The strawberry fields are also open for half price gleaning on Monday during normal stand hours. There are still quite a lot of wonderfully good little berries left out there. Come and get them. Daniel