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Garlic scallions and chives

The farm stand is open this afternoon from 12:30- 5 pm. Spring is here and we have received some much needed rain! We harvested fresh garlic scallions, overwintered spinach and chives this morning from the outdoor gardens. Next I will head over to the greenhouse for more greens and to our sugar bush to harvest ramps (wild leeks). This will all be at the stand along with assorted root crops from winter storage. The bulk food room is stocked with spices, beans, rice, oatmeal, flour and more. Asparagus harvest is coming soon. In 18 out of the 20 years I have been growing asparagus the first significant harvest was in the first week of May. This year feels like it could be on the early side but I would not bet on it. Daniel

Today Greenhouse Lettuce and free green onion tipss

Spring is coming. Yesterday I planted the first planting of peas. They should be ready for picking in 80-90 days from now.
The farm stand will be open this afternoon from 12:30-5 PM. There is lettuce and swiss chard and a few bunches of cilantro at the stand today along with onion tips and the normal carrots, potatoes, beets etc. We planted various greens in the solar greenhouse last fall (early November). During the cold ,dark part of the winter they looked terrible but they lived and are finally ready for harvest.
It is time to clip the tips off of the young onion seedlings in the greenhouse to help make a strong seedling with a thick enough stem to be nice to handle when transplanting. Clipping also helps keep them from falling over in the seedling trays which has various negative implications. These clippings have a lovely mild onion flavor. This morning I had them with my eggs for breakfast. They are also lovely in potato salads, sandwiches etc. If we do not eat them they just go to waste in a time of the year that anything green is precious. Today at the farm stand we will be giving a free sample handful of these onion tips to anyone who wishes to try them. Enjoy. Daniel


The farmstand will be open this afternoon from 12:30-5 PM. The cabbage supply was getting low here so yesterday we brought another 105 heads of beautiful cabbage from Mosie Kiems storage. He grows really good organic cabbage and it stores very nicely. In general storage life of cabbage ( and other produce) is affected by how good the conditions in the room are, but also by the quality of the produce at harvest.

It is lovely to see the snow melt and to be able to walk out and see our gardens and fields again. Not quite yet but soon it is time to rake the winter mulch off the strawberries, prune the raspberries and grapes and get the various farm equipment out of the sheds where it was packed away for winter.

Pricing Changes Moving Forward

Product pricing on signs in the stand and the Website now reflects a cash discount
There will be a surcharge on all purchases using a Debit/Credit card (excluding EBT)

Less than $20 = .50 cents
$20-$50 = $1.00
$50-$100 = $2.00
Greater than $100 = 3%

Other forms of payment (Cash/Check/etc.) have no surcharge

Thank you for your patronage! Daniel and Mendy Martin

Farmstand open this afternoon

It is wonderful to see tiny plants sprout and grow. It is wonderful to smell thousands of little plants in a greenhouse. The onions that were planted last week are all coming up and growing. If you come out to the stand in the next month or so take a peak through the curtain. The produce washing area to the side of the stand has become a greenhouse full of plants. For those of you that like numbers there are 175 flats of onion seedlings. There was about 725 seeds put in each flat with an expected population of 500-600 plants that will get transplanted out to the field at the end of April. Normal yield potential is about 200-250 lbs of onions per flat. I expect to put about half or 2/3s of these onions into my garden. (some are being started for other growers)

The farm stand is open this afternoon from 12:30 pm till 5 pm. We just received another pallet of bulk foods (oatmeal, flour sugar, spices, peanuts etc.) so come and get it. There is also a normal late winter selection of produce. Daniel

Weblog Entry

The farm stand is open this afternoon from 12:30 pm till 5 pm. There are still lots of carrots, potatoes, squash, beets, cabbage, celeriac and more. The bulk food room is also stocked.
Even though it is still very wintery outside the tomato plants are growing nicely in our living room under a light. There are about 75,000 onion seeds here that we plan to plant next week. The resulting onion seedlings will be grown in the greenhouse for about 10 weeks and then set out into the field in late April. Most years we still have very cold weather after we start the greenhouse but not for long. By mid March it is common to see quite a few above freezing days. Spring will come and we are ready to start the cycle of seedtime and harvest again. With Gods rain and Gods sunshine we have hope for an abundant harvest and food for another year. Daniel

Free turnips or daikon radish today

The farm stand is open this afternoon from 12:30 pm till 5 pm. There are still lots of carrots, potatoes, squash, beets, sweet potatoes and more. The bulk food room is freshly restocked.
We still have a few hundred pounds of turnips and daikon radish. The expected storage life for these items ends sometime February or early March and I would rather see them used than just wasted. We will be giving a few of either of these items to any person the wishes for some. (No purchase required.) Come and get it. Daniel

Free winter squash today

The farm stand is open this afternoon from 12:30 pm till 5 pm. Matthew and Peter are setting the stand up now. There is a fairly extensive selection of produce to choose from. There are a few leeks, swiss chard from the greenhouse, kale from outside along with lots of carrots, potatoes and so much more. With this lovely mild weather it is warm enough that we are setting the stand up in the normal display areas for today. We are overstocked on winter squash. We will be giving one or two winter squash to any person the wishes for one. (No purchase required.) Come and get it. Daniel

Winter Hours

Winter is finally here to stay. We have been blessed with a mild winter so far. Negative temperatures have yet to find us and the snowfall has been mild. At this time of the year logging and splitting wood take up much of the farms time. The occasional get away or vacation takes the family far and wide, and thoughts turn increasingly towards spring. The momentary quiet is a calm before the flurry of activity in a new year and the coming plantings.
The stand will remain in operation on Fridays from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. We still have plenty of Winter root vegetables, potatoes and squash, as well as a stocked bulk foods room. We look forward to seeing our customers through the winter as we move into a new year.

The Farm stand is open today,

The farm stand is open from 12:30- 5 pm today. (This is the last open weekend before Christmas) We will also be open on Friday and Saturday afternoons. This morning Phillip cut a nice tub of swiss chard from the greenhouse. The stand is stocked with this along with kale, lots of squash, and other storage vegetables. We received another shipment of goodies for the bulk food room last evening so the bulk food room is also stocked.
This is the time of the year that we are planning for next year and doing the seed and plant orders. I enjoy growing flowers and we are thinking to offer the free u-cut flowers again this coming year. The plan is to do a little more onions, maybe 60-70,000 plants instead of 50,000. Many of the crops will have hardly any change but I am thinking of less of the oddball and specialty crops that normally sell mostly to the restaurants. Of course all planning is just that- this is assuming that God continues to give us health and energy and that the world does not get too bad turned upside down. For us 2020 was a wild year and a hard year in some senses with the drought etc however in the end the finances look ok and in general it was a good year. Thank you Lord for your mercies to us.
Winter schedule: In the month of December we will open the farm stand on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays from 12:30 pm till 5 pm. We will be completely closed from Christmas till New year. After the new year till spring the plan is to be open every Friday (12:30pm – 5pm) weather permitting. (If the weather is very stormy or cold call ahead before coming during those midwinter days).

In early May when the asparagus comes up summer hours will resume ( Mon-Sat 10 am -6 pm.