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Still more berries

We are going to be open this afternoon for u-pick. About half of the patches are left to pick. We are open till 6 pm.
This is the late part of the peak season. We will have some berries all of next week yet.
The next picking after today will be Wednesday, start 2 pm,( with no morning picking on Wed.) and Sat. start 7 am.
I do not know how 10 quart units of berries I have for Thursday. If you want some go ahead and order and I will fill as many as I can. Leave me know in the comment box if it would be ok to fill your order on a differant day.
The market page is open to order now. I have a few peas now. The main crop is not till early July. Daniel


We are opening tommorrow (Sat.) morning for U-pick at 7 am. I just walked the fields; there is a lot of ripe berries. This will be the peak picking; however the berry size is starting to drop off.
I see lots of green berries,we should be picking yet in the first week of July.
Next weeks picking days are Mon. 7 am, Wed. 2 pm, and Sat. 7am. Picking on the inbetween days depends what happens the day before. Daniel

Asparagus tips

This evening I cut the last asparagus for 2013. I have about 100 lbs of real short tips available at $2 a lb. (10 lb min) This is a good deal for freezing or pickling. I cut all the tiny spears on the last cutting and then shallow till the whole bed to set the weeds back. It feels good to straighen the back and put the asparagus cutting gear away.
We are opening tommorow (Wed.) for u-pick strawberries at 2 pm. I expect 2000 lbs of berries tommorow. The peak of berry season is in the next four pickings. The berry size will be getting smaller with each picking so fill you freezer in the next week. After tommorow the next picking is Saturday at 7 am. Daniel

We can take EBT and debit cards

We can take EBT and debit cards at the stand now. You can also pay for your online purchase with the cards when you pick your order up. However we can not take credit cards.
There are a lot of of little cukes on the vines in the greenhouse. I am not sure how many will be ready for this week; they look much better though. Tomatoes are plentiful.
The strawberry patch is picked for today. We have quite a few picked berries for the stand today from share pickers this morning. We will open again for u-pick at 2 pm on Wednesday, June 19. There is no morning picking on Wednesday.
All the cold rain is making life rough for the heat loving crops such as watermelons etc. It will be fairly late (September) till they are ready.
The market is open now. Daniel

I smell strawberries.

I just went up to the strawberry patches. The air smells of ripening strawberries (along with the rest of the summer rainy day smells). The berries are ripening in spite of the rain. My guess is that tommorows pick should be near 1000 quarts. The biggest berries are in the first 3 or 4 pickings (this week). We will open in the morning at 7 am. Daniel

Strawberry u-pick location.

Some of you are asking where the berry fields are this year. They are all here at our house and stand at 11 Needham road (on the corner of Needham road and 11-b.) Come to the stand and weigh your containers and I will take you back to the best spot in one of the three patches. There are no strawberries left at the old place.
I scouted the fields right before dark and they have ripened a lot in the last few days. I am guessing there may be 400-700 quarts for tommorow morning. We open at 7 am. If you are early plan on waiting till 7 to enter field. You can weigh in earlier.

Strawberry picking dates

We will open for U-pick strawberries for an hour or two at 7 am, on Saturday June 15th. There is a limited amount for Saturday as there are still large parts of the field that are not ready yet.
Next picking Monday June 17 starting at 7 am.
Our picking hours are 7-11 am and 2-6 pm or until the field is picked. We start back over the field every Monday at 7 am, Wednesday at 2pm (no morning picking Wednesday)and Saturday at 7 am. We are open on the inbetween days if we have not finished the patch the day before. These picking days repeat every week.
U-pick price is $1.30 per lb. Please bring your own containers. We weigh your containers when you come and then again after you are finished.
We also have picked berries on the stand as the supply lasts for $3.75 a quart. If you take 10 or more they are $3.00 a quart on days that strawberries are abundant.
I also offer share picking, you take one home for each two you pick for us. Daniel

Some color in strawberry field

My little boys found a quart of berries that would have been ready in a few days. I will send an update later this week with the first picking dates. I think it will be either Saturday (15th) or Monday June 17.

This is the last week for asparagus. We have lots of tomatoes but we had an aphid problem in the cukes. There will not be many for the next week or two.

Does anybody have rhubarb? My patch is soon finished and it would be nice to have some available during strawberry season. Contact me if you have any to sell. I will want to know about chemical use in the nearby yards and gardens. Peas are 2-3 weeks away yet.Daniel

U-pick strawberries are two weeks away

There are thousands of little green stawberries in the field. There is no color yet. I think we will open for u-pick in about two weeks. Strawberry prices will be the same as last year.($1.30 per lb u-pick) We also will be offering share picking as we have in the past. And as always; no spray or chemicals. Children are welcome.
We have started picking limited amounts of tomatoes and cukes. I might be able to fill more than I listed as available. There is a lot of asparagus. Now is the time to fill your freezer or pickle some. There is about two weeks left of asparagus season.

Free Glad Bulbs

The strawberries escaped the frost and I am glad to see the sun. I have about 1 bushel of glad bulbs left that are looking for a good home. (I planted about 250 lbs of them myself.) Any that are not sold by Thursday at 3pm are available for free till they are gone. You can have as many as you have a plan for. I would be delighted if you gave some to a child that is in your life or brighten someones yard with them. They need some sun, water and normal soil to grow. Melvin picked the first ripe tomato today. He also picked a few cukes. By next week we should have enough to sell. (He eats the first one.) There will be zucchini from my greenhouse ready by Thursday. Also green onions and outside lettuce heads. Daniel