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More rain!

It is lovely to listen to more rain on the roof! I was just out working in the greenhouse. The weather is lovely in the greenhouse. I just picked 5 pails of beautiful zucchini from our greenhouse. This is the last week for asparagus till next year.
We are starting to see some ripening strawberries already. We should be picking by next week. It looks as if we will have a small amount of strawberries at a time, spread over a long time. What should be the peak of the season will be empty because of the frost damage. The apple and pear trees have lots of nice little fruit on them. We may need to eat less strawberries and more apples this year.

There is a debate in this country about labeling the GMO ingredients in our food. I think it would be really nice if this was done. I also think it would be good to label other added ingredients such as fungicides, fumigants in the grain and such like. I hear of so many people with problems and allergies to various foods such as wheat, strawberries, etc. I have to wonder if in some cases people may be reacting to the chemicals rather then the actual food item and it can be really hard to find out what chemicals are present. Daniel