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Frost on the strawbeeries

We are starting to pick a few tomatoes and cucumbers. At this point the supply is still very small. We have lots of kale, green onions etc.

We had a hard frost-freeze on Saturday morning. If a strawberry flower gets frost they still keep on blooming for the next week or so with their pretty white petals but the little yellow center turns dark or black. These flowers will never make a berry. At this point it looks to me as if we lost 85- 95% of this years strawberry crop. The damage was about the same on the parts of the field that I attempted to save with irrigation water and the areas that I did nothing. It was just to cold and the sprinklers made a huge amount of ice and the flowers still froze. I do not know if the apple crop is OK or not yet. I think the raspberry crop is unaffected as they bloom later. Most of the rest of the vegetable crops are either OK or can be replanted with only miner delays. It was that cold that I even had some frost damage on the outer rows of tomatoes at the one end of a tightly closed greenhouse. To have this cold, this late, is rare as I have never seen this hard of a freeze this late here.
We went down to Pa over the weekend for my grandmothers funeral. She was born in 1923 and has been a widow since 1968. She left behind over 300 of us grandchildren, great grandchildren, even some great great grandchildren. In some sense it is the end of an era for us. Grandmas house was always there- Daniel