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Weblog Entry Do not let California feed New York

We have an abundance of really good watermelon and cantaloupe right now and too many nice tomatoes. There are a lot of good number one tomatoes that are going into canners today just because there are so many. No need to order ahead on canners, just come and get them! Beans are abundant now. We also have lots of lettuces and a long row of spinach that is ready to cut and so much more. Do not let California feed New York in the summer. Please support your local farmers. We need you and the time may come that you need us. Did you know that seeded watermelons have a much better flavor (most of the time) than seedless melons? Did you know that we have soils and a climate at spots here in northern New York that can grow a very good watermelon? We have watermelons here today that I am very happy with. They are not just good. They are excellent and we guarantee them to be so. Daniel

Sweet Carrots, beans and lots of tomatoes

The carrots are getting big and nice. There are hundreds of beautiful red ripe tomatoes and peppers including sweet bells and hot peppers of assorted kinds by the of peck bushel or lb. The garden has given lots red and golden beets. This is the peak of bean season. On Thursday and Friday we picked about 40 bushels from our patch which feels like too many beans. Come and get a box full of some of this bounty if you wish. We are coming in the prime part of melon season. Our melons (and all our produce for that matter) is guaranteed to be good. If you ever get a melon of other product that is not satisfactory throw it out and tell us about it. You have the choice of getting another similar melon or other produce of similar value or your money back. I normally do not wish to have the disappointing product back unless it is something strange that you judge we should see in finding out what went wrong. On onions we have an abundance of sweet onions now. Most of the onions are taking there time in maturing and are still not even ready to be pulled yet with lots of strong greens tops on them. It is at least a few weeks yet before the storage onions will be dry and ready to go. Daniel

Tomatoes, peaches, corn and watermelon

Tomatoes, PA peaches, big cabbages, small cabbages, watermelons, cantaloupe, cauliflower, broccoli, peppers, onions, celery, scallions, lettuce and so much more. There is so much good food here at the Farmstand. Come and get it. We have boxes of many things available today for canning or freezing such as broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, peaches, and onions. August and September is a good time to be preparing for good eating in the winter. Daniel

Lots of beans, pickles and sweet corn

This morning the farm stand is so full of good local food that it is work of art to fit all the choices in the the space available in the display cooler. We picked over 300 lbs of green and yellow beans yesterday and there is lots of corn for today. (available by the bagful for freezing or as little as one ear). The first seeded watermelons are ready. The one we cut open last evening was gloriously good- perfect in texture, flavor, color and sweetness. Did you know that (in general) seeded watermelon have much better flavor than seedless choices do? Come and get this good food- get it now because even though it can seem that summertime will continue for a long time in reality time and the seasons move on quickly.

New crop honey and fresh homemade sauerkraut

Peter extracted about 2500 lbs (over 200 gallons) of honey this summer already which is a record for us. (Dads bees gave an additional 1,000 lbs) The basswood trees only give honey once in while and this was the year! When Basswood does give honey they give a large amount of really white honey with a lovely gentle fruity taste. It is some of the best one can ever taste. This honey is available to purchase at the stand. We also have bulk honey in buckets with honey valves on them and can fill your jars for you. Bulk honey in your container is $6 per lb. Full cases of 12 quarts or more are also priced at $6 per lb plus $1 for each jar. I just opened up a crock of fresh sauerkraut. This batch is mild and delicious. This is available for purchase at the stand.

We are picking the first of the field tomatoes and lots of beans, lettuce, cucumbers, sweet onions, beets, cantaloupe and so much more. Come and get your portion of this bounty. Daniel

Sweet corn by the dozen or the bagful

We have lots of sweet corn today! It is available by the single ear ($.60) by the dozen ($6) or the bagful ($16). This is also peak season for beans, basil, pickles and cucumbers. The girls just came in with another 6 bushels of green beans. If you wish to make dilly beans, pickles or pesto now is the time. We have lots of dill, garlic and onions. This weather has been lovely with enough rain and just the right temperatures. This means the gardens are yielding produce full strength. It is a pretty picture to see the stand full of this abundance. Come and get it. This fresh produce makes some wonderful good eating. Daniel

Home again, It is pickle season.

We have all sorts of good food at the stand today. A few highlights are Dads delicious blueberries, lots of cucumbers and little pickles, beans, beets, tomatoes cabbage and all sorts of greens, lettuce and herbs.

We have a few boxes of canner tomatoes today and lots of cucumbers including little picklers available in bulk amounts.
We are home again to this wonderful green land. We traveled as a family out to the west and spent three weeks camping. We spent our time just seeing our big diverse country. The grass is a lot greener here than in Wyoming. It is good to be back on the farm and to eat good fresh produce. Daniel

Raspberries, summertime crops and travel plans

It is summertime and the stand is full of all the normal things that one would expect for the time of the year such as lettuce, cabbage, scallions, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini and much more. There are still quite a few strawberries out there. The patch is in half price gleaning status for all of this week. We still have plenty of picked berries at the stand for today. The red raspberries are ripe. Black raspberries should start next week. If you wish to u-pick call or stop in and make an appointment just as we have been doing in past years. There are still open spots for u-pick raspberries for today and the rest of this week. If there are berries left after the scheduled pickers pick any one that comes will be allowed to pick. U-pick raspberry prices is $3.75 per lb. I along with my wife and children are planning to travel out west for a few weeks in July and spend some time exploring and camping in the Wyoming, Montana, Idaho region. I have never been out west and we are all excited. This is also a first for us in many years to be able to get away from the farm in the summer. I have a team of good people that I have been preparing to take over while I am gone. Stop in and get the good food that Matthew, Josephine, and Judy will have at the stand while we are gone. Daniel

U-pick Saturday June 26 Still abundant berries

We will open the strawberry and pea patches for u-pick in the morning (Saturday, June 26) at 7 am. This is the last formal u-pick day for this year. I just came in from walking through the fields. There are a lot more berries out there than I expected and some of them are bigger than I was expecting to see. They liked the cooler weather and sized up nicely. I am estimating that if we have enough pickers we can harvest 1,500 quarts tomorrow. The late berries are so very good. I ate my fill as I was scouting the fields. Some of those little gems are almost like candy.
The patch in the front behind the barn and the little patches out past post two are in half price gleaning status. Those patches are almost finished.
The patches at the top of the hill after post 1 and the big one way back past post three still have better picking and are open for picking at regular price.
Starting Monday June 28 all the strawberry patches will in self service, half price gleaning status. Come to the stand after you are finished for check out. There are still some green berries that will be ripening over the next week. Any patches in gleaning status are open every day except Sunday during normal stand hours.


Strawberry and peas- Open Wed (June 23) for u-pick

We will open the strawberry and pea patches for u-pick tomorrow Wednesday June 23) at 2 pm. This is the late part of strawberry season. There are still quite a lot of ripe berries. The late berries are so good. The patch in the front behind the barn and the little patches out past post two are going to be in half price gleaning status starting at 2 pm tomorrow afternoon. There are a lot of berries there but they are tiny and the picking in those patches fills containers slowly. Any patches in gleaning status are open any time the stand is open. The patches at the top of the hill after post 1 and the big one way back past post three still have better picking and will be open Wednesday and Saturday at regular price.

Hours for u-pick are Monday starting
at 7 AM; Wednesday, start 2 PM (no morning picking on Wednesdays); Saturday, start 7 AM. This repeats through out the whole season. The patch closes when the berries are all picked or at 6 PM. Daniel