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Come and get it! We have lots of things to make a very good salad right now. Lettuce is at its prime, sweet, good and abundant. Green onions, salad mix, radish, kale…. its all hear and more. I have 6 tubs full of fine tomatoes and 5 tubs of beautiful cucumbers for today with more to be picked tommorrow. You can also order on the website.
The garlic scapes are ready. They are delicious and I also believe they make a good “spring tonic”. Eat lots of them. You can use them in any way that you would use garlic, just use more volume. My favorite way to fix them is to put them into a blender or food processer with a bit of oil or something like cucumber and salt and grind them fine.You can add anything that would go into a pesto or salsa if you wish. From that point it can be served on almost anykind of salad, meat, or starch food such as potatoes, pasta, or rice. They are also wonderful sauted with all sorts of vegetables, meat or starch foods.
We plan to open for the first u-pick strawberry day on Wednesday, June 17 at 2 PM. There will be a very limited amount of berries available. I do not want to hear complaining about how bad the picking is. Be thankful for what we have.
U-pick strawberry price is $1.40 per lb this year and I am offering sharepicking just as normal (pick 2 for me 1 for you) The berries that should have been for the eary- peak part of berry season were mostly lost in the freeze on Memorial day weekend; the later part of the season has a more potential. This rain is good for the late berries to size.
We will have some picked strawberries on the stand on an intermitant basis both from our patch and also from an Amish family that covered and saved there crop. We will label the source with the display. The first picking from their patch will be at our stand about midday today. Daniel