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May showers bring June strawberries!

Martins farmstand is open. Cool rainy weather now makes for the best strawberry crop. They should start ripening in about 4 weeks.
Greenhouse tomatoes, summer squash, and cucumbers should start within 2 weeks. Green onions will also be coming soon.
I have the recipes section of the website turned on. I would like if you could tell us your favorite ways to prepare the food that grows in our gardens. You must be signed in to post a recipe.
We should be able to take EBT cards as payment within a few weeks. This is being made possible by Gardenshare. Thank-you. Daniel

Martinsfarmstand is open

Hello, It was hot last week and there was a record breaking amount of asparagus 1600 lbs in 5 days. We sold all of that. This week it is cold. The asparagus is growing very slow. We have plenty for fresh eating but wait to fill your freezer. When the weather warms up again the asparagus will become abundant again.
Check out our new offerings of meat and baked goods. We have an abundance of salad mix from the greenhouse also.
We plan to be better organized this week. We are still learning.
Tell your friends about this market. You will find many of our local, chemical-free vegetables our as cheap as the store vegetables. Daniel

We are learning still!

Sorry it sent a list of everything along with the last e-mail. Normally this list will not be attatched, you will have to go to the website to see it. We are still learning how to run this system.

On another note: Let others know about the website. We have a lot to offer to the community by coming together as a farmer’s market online. There is no membership fee this year. Mendy

Asparagus is abundant, Market is open

The online farmers market is open for orders now. We are having lovely warm weather so the asparagus is growing very fast. Todays cutting is over 300 lbs. So, lots of asparagus for everyone.
Check out the market page, we have over 100 products already with much more to come as the growing season progresses. For this year we have decided to have no membership fee. There are pro’s and cons to this. We will see what we all think about this again this winter.
Keep in mind that the growers may add more product during the order period as they see what is available. This is especially likely on Monday and Tuesday morning.

Talk at Willow Tree Garden Center

On Tuesday, April 30 at 6:30 pm I will be giving a talk on some of the things I have learned about tillage, weed control, cover crops, soil fertility and insect control. You are invited to come. Willow Tree is on the west side of Potsdam on route 11.

We will be opening Martins Farmstand in 2 weeks. The asparagus should be ready by then
We have sunshine now and the cold wind has stopped. Today I intend to get ground ready to plant onions along with things like lettuce etc. In the greenhouse the tomatoes are blooming. Daniel

2013 Maple Syrup Available!!!

Hello, We have fresh maple syrup available. If you want syrup before we open call or e-mail Daniel at 265-1246
We plan to open in early May. We should have lettuce and cucumbers for sale in about 60 days. Tomatoes are a little later. Asparagus starts the first week of May. Daniel

tomatoes planted In cold weather

Jan 25, 2013
The first tomato seeds for this year have been planted. We hope to start picking these in late May. The earlist planting will be in the passive solar greenhouse at our old farm.
The stand and this market will open for 2013 in the first week of May. I plan to include in the weekly e-mail information about what is coming into season and also tell you about things that are abundant and therefore a good buy.