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U-pick apples

Hello, It is summertime- the cucubers and summer squash are thinking about swamping us. There is lots of broccoli and nice lettuce and other greens. Carrots, beets the list goes on….we have lots of good food here.
My Dad is opening his orchard for u-pick this year. The price is $8.00 per 1/2 bushel. He will be open on Friday and Saturdays. It is best if you call ahead (Luke 265-0026) His farm is located at 156 Newton Road. (Same place as the sawmill is). He plans to have the cidar press ready to go on Saturdays.
The market is open. Daniel

Fall raspberries

The fall raspberries are starting already. There are openings for u-pick from now till hard frost. They are a beautiful picture with berries in every stage from ripe fruit to opening flowers. They are just buzzing with bumblebees this morning. I have a row of spinach right now that looks like a seed catalogue picture. (Yes sometimes things do grow as nice as the pictures.) Do you need spinach to freeze? The tomatoes are ripening aweful slow. The tomato tubs my be empty at times this week. There are oodles of tomatoes that are soon ready. Plan to can tomatoes in late August and September. Watermelons look like they are still at least a month away.

The market is open. Daniel

Sweet Corn and Basil

I like this weather, It is cool enough to be comfortable and we have enough rain and warmth for food to grow. We have started picking corn and have many pounds of basil available for you to make your pesto, etc. The glads are starting to bloom. You can get a big armful of U-cut sunflowers or glads for $10. I had two bucketfuls of pie cherries last week so I made some really womderful jelly out of them. I blended them with pear cider so I was able to use very little sugar and still have a product that my children liked.

The market is open for ordering. Daniel

Cucumbers and Beans

Have you loved someone today?
We have have an abundant supply of high quality food available here at Martins Farmstand. Right now it is bean and cucumber season. It is time to be thinking about canning dilly beans, cucumber pickles etc.
Even though I knew it was not ready, I peaked into an ear of sweet corn, the kernels are just blisters- but maybe by the end of this week…
This all is wonderful,however, we need more than this to live a rich life. We need to love and be loved. Are you putting some energy and study into learning to excel in this area? I pray for myself and my family and community in this area.
Enjoy the good food God gives us. Daniel

We plant and God gives the increase

We have planted gardens and now God is giving us sunshine, rain, and warmth. We are coming into a natural period of abundance from now through fall. If you are watching prices you will find that in many cases your dollar will buy a lot more food in this time period. Eat lots of what is in season, by the time you are tired of it, it will already be fall. There is a different set of wonderful foods waiting for you then.
You can stretch a budget and still eat very high quality food if you get a freezer or canning jars etc.and store up this abundance for the winter that is coming. It is a wonderful cozy experience to go and get some of your favorite pickles when the storms come instead of running to town for food that was canned in a factory. Daniel

Gardens grow fast now

This is good growing weather. Every day plants are much bigger and we are adding new tubs of food to the stand almost every day. This is also the time the weeds try to get away from us. We have beans now and the early corn has tassels.
We still have strawberries for a few more days. ( half price gleaning, same hours as the stand) I plan to renovate the strawberries late this week.
The U-pick pie cherries will be at there prime late this week. They are at the old farm, you must make an appointment to pick and bring your own stepladder. I want $1 per lb.
We are getting three pigs from my sister, that will be available in late july. Let me know if you would like to buy a quarter, half or whole pig. The price will be in the $4 per lb range depending on what cuts you get. These pigs are grown outside and fed conventional grain along with other slop etc.
We also have a batch of boiler chickens ready soon. These are free- range chickens that are being fed conventional grain besides the pasture.
I have a lot of chard now. If you would like to try it I would like to give you enough to feed your family a meal of it for free. Ask for it when you are at the stand. Daniel

July 4th Holiday Orders

It is time to put your on-line orders in. Because the pick-up this week falls on July 4 we will have your orders ready in the morning so you can use them for afternoon festivies. You can pick-up from 10 am to 7 PM on Thursday.
The strawberry patch will be open for gleaning style picking Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 am -6pm. Starting Friday, July 5 the patch will go to half price gleaning status. You can come whenever the stand is open(10-6 Mon -Sat.) This will remain as long as there is any thing there to get. Daniel


We will open to pick strawberries at 7 am, on Monday, July 1. There is still a lot of berries left and the size is holding better than I expected. I still see green berries so we have picking for another week. I will post the picking schedule for the rest of the week tommorrow. Daniel

I still smell strawberries.

We will be opening for u-pick berries at 7 am tommorow morning. I just went up to the strawberry patches. The air smells of ripening strawberries (along with the rest of the summer rainy day smells). The berries are ripening in spite of the rain. My guess is that tommorows pick should be near 1000 quarts.
Yes, the berries are smaller but they are so good. My belly is full of them as I was eating as I walked. Wonderful, delicious, morsals.
We also will be picking all of next week as I still see some green berries. We still have picked berries on the stand. The supply of picked berries will be intermittant as the strawberry season winds down. Daniel

Picking today

I have strawberries left in the patch. We are open for u-pick today.(10 am- 6 pm) We also have an abundance of picked berries on the stand. The next picking after today is Saturday, start 7am. The patch is holding up better than I expected, this is the later part of the season though and will drop of soon. Daniel