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Beans, storage onions, homemade grape juice and apples

Hello everyone again. This is September and there is much good food to choose from our farms and gardens. If you are ever going to eat local food this is a good time to start. I planted a big patch of beans in late July after we returned from the trip. They have grown beautifully and are ready now. We have bulk amounts available @ $15 per 1/2 bushel. We also have about 50 boxes of canner tomatoes for today and lots of peppers and cabbage. The fruit set on my Dad’s apples was fairly light this spring (they usually set too many). What did set grew big and nice. The dry weather in June kept the scab away. We have a big crop of very nice organic apples. They are available now and we will store them with the plan to have them at the stand into the winter as supplies last. The storage onions are dry and ready to go. As we have time we will be bagging them to sell. You can also fill your own bag/box from the display at bag prices 25lbs for $18.75 or 75 cents per lb. I have not dug any sweet potatoes yet however I plan to dig some today so they can be at the stand. We picked all the grapes yesterday and I am making juice out of them this morning. There is way too much juice for us to use as a family so this will be for sale at the stand. We are packing this as it comes out of the steamer without adding any sweetener. For drinking juice you can sweeten it if you wish and dilute with water to taste. At some point I plan to also make some into jelly for the stand. Daniel.