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Watermelon, Cantaloupe and Edamame

It is the time of the year for lots of watermelon, cantaloupe and green soybeans (edamame) We have the sample table set up and will be cutting watermelon and cantaloupe samples throughout the following days. If a whole melon is too much for you we can cut them and sell you just a part of a melon. I planted a bed of green soybeans that are ready now. After the pods are picked off the plant we boil them for a short time in salty water till the beans pop out of the pods when the pod is squeezed. They are very good just like that… pop them right in your mouth or into a bowl for later use. The meal can be completed with a salad or tomato sandwich or corn on the cob. I only have one planting of the edamame soybeans so they will be here for just a few days then they are gone again. Daniel