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Cut Flowers and raspberries

Below is an updated in season now list from Martins Farmstand. The gardens are happy with a nice rain yesterday and in general crops look normal. Field beans, zucchini, cabbage, basil and cucumbers are starting to come in larger amounts. The cut flowers are also starting to bloom. If any of you want cut flowers to brighten your home, office or dinner table come and be our guest. If you cut the flowers yourself they are free. The u-cut patches are located right in front of the stand building and also across the second driveway in the field north (away for 11b) of the market. If you are getting larger amounts stop at the stand and let us know what you have in mind. The only time we limit larger amounts is if the patch is getting over cut. If you are reselling the flowers then please pay us a fair portion of the resulting money.
The black raspberries are at their peak now and will be ripening into the beginning of next week. The raspberry patches will be open for u-pick during normal stand hours (10am-6 pm) starting tommorow on a first come basis (no appointment). This will last into next week as long as the season continues. Daniel