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Tons of sweet carrots and beets

The dominate farm job now is the late root crop harvest. In the last few days we harvested lots of carrots, beets and turnips. The coolers are getting really full with winter storage crops that are for sale through out the winter.

I had two rows of carrots that were planted a little later than than the rest that we dug on Wednesday. They were by far the nicest carrots of the year and those two rows gave 90 bushels of mostly #1 grade. Another carrot planting that was located a few hundred yards away (same sandy loam soil) and planted a little earlier gave a fairly rough looking batch of carrots that only graded as juicers and cull. When us farmers and gardeners plant seeds we have hope that the crop will do well. We often plant many different plantings in various areas of the farm and on different days as one never knows whether one will grow better then another or if they all end up alike.

We as a people have a heritage that has been past to us down through the generations of various garden seeds and plants that produce food that can be stored for us to eat over the winter. As you eat this food this winter thank God and think of past generations that developed these seeds that we still use. They had nothing else for the winter in cold climates. They could not just go to the store. Growing and storing winter food was a serious business for them. Daniel