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Time for pesto

It is time to make pesto. I have a lots of basil and parsley that needs to be harvested to keep the plants fresh. I can cut a whole tub full (mix or match) of herbs for you for $20 or half a tubful for $10. We have both garlic scapes and fresh bulb garlic to make that pesto complete. Green and yellow beans and new red skin potatoes are waiting for you. Cucumbers are becoming abundant and the first dill heads are ready. Number 1 grade zucchini and summer squash are available by the box at $16 each. The first sweet corn is ready also. Henry grew this corn from plants that he started indoors early in the spring then he covered it with a row cover- these corn plants were babied.
The black raspberries are in there peak season right now. They are giving a bumper crop which amazes me. (I am not a first grader) I was expecting a small crop because of the terrible dry weather. We can use a few more people in the u-pick schedule tomorrow. Daniel