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Beets and Fresh Eggs

We have lots of good, fresh eggs right now. The chickens are laying well (I think chickens like this warmer weather) and the eggs sell slower in the winter because there are a lot less people coming to the stand during the winter months. The feed cost has dropped some so we have dropped egg price back to $3 dozen again. It was $3.25. We have 300 more layer hens planned to come into production early next summer so there should be abundant eggs through next summer and fall.

We still have lots of beets, carrots, apples and potatoes left. One thing that we like to do sometimes is to cook a big kettle of beets and then slice them into jars and cover them with a sweet pickle brine. They can be canned or just kept in the refrigerater. After the beets come out of the brine one can pickle hard cooked eggs in the same brine. It makes the eggs a pretty pink and they taste real good. Daniel