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Green tomatoes in January

Hello everybody. It is winter outside and our solar greenhouse is getting cool inside (30s-40s). We picked all the bigger green tomatoes and peppers from the old plants as they will ripen better in the warm house than the cool greenhouse. So, I have a few ripe tomatoes and peppers for sale and about 100 lbs of green tomatoes that need a good home. We also still have lots of beets, carrots, turnips, potatoes, apples and more left for sale. The online market is open for orders or you can call ahead and come out to the stand.

I have already started the pepper plants for next year and it is almost time to start the tomatoes so the old plants must go to make room for the new ones soon. We baby the new tomato plants in the house while they are tiny as it takes a lot less resources to keep the house warm than to keep a tiny space in a greenhouse warm enough for tomatoes to grow during the cold dark portion of the winter. Daniel