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Sweet Carrots

The late carrots that we are harvesting now are sweet and good- better than the earlier carrot crop was. There is a lot of them. We pack them into 25 lb bags. To store carrots and red beets you want them to stay moist and as cold as you can without freezing them. I am separating the #2 carrots into bags with nice but small carrots and other bags that have the forked or crooked etc carrots. These are both priced at $12.50 per bag and are an especially good deal for juicing etc. We also have lots of #1 carrots.($25 bag) They have the same great taste with less cleanup time and waste. We hope to finish the carrot harvest tommorrow and then I will be turning attention towards the rest of the beets- there are a lot of them and it is likely that we will have them available all the way till spring.
Wednesday, November 18 will be the last day of normal summer hours for this year so make sure you are stocked up for thanksgiving needs by then. After that we want to have two full weeks to be completely off duty and then in early December winter hours will start. Winter hours are informal- we give service when we are available but it is best to call or e-mail before coming if you want to be sure not to waste a trip. With the new display cooler we will be able to give you give much better service in the winter because the goodies can all be nicely displayed. Daniel