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Planting garlic.

It is time to harvest all sorts of things. We have not had a hard frost yet. There are still lots of peppers, beans, lettuce, squash, radish and leeks. Last evenings picking of cauliflower was over 100 heads. Most of them are bright white but there are a few that are a gorgous purple. We also planted a good portion of the seed garlic yesterday. That should be ready to pull about the third week of July.

A farmers life is characterized by a lot of waiting and patience. In the spring we tend to be impatient- it is so cold and wet. Then after things are planted we need to wait many days for the harvest.
If you are a gardener you have also probably noticed that plant growth is not linear. Little plants tend to grow very slowly for a number of weeks and then in a short time grow a great deal.
The farmers life is also characterized by a great deal of precision. Besides waiting we need the be prepared to act in a precise window of time when it is time to plant, harvest etc.
The seasons also come and go more than we tend to be aware of in the spiritual realms. If it is time to reach out and love someone, or listen to your child etc. do it now- tommorrow life has moved on. Daniel