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May 25

The online farmers market is open for orders. New for this week is the first outside lettuce and green onions. We are in the prime of asparagus season. Asparagus has about 3 weeks left yet. The strawberries are starting to bloom. In one month we should be into lots of ripe berries.
Both the cucumbers and zucchini in the greenhouse have half grown fruit on them. They should be ready next week. Tomatoes also have fullsize fruit; they are still green though. The greenhouses are about 7-10 days behind normal schedule. I am pretty happy with this as we had a long, cold, cloudy winter. It could be worse. God has promised seedtime and harvest, summer and winter- He is reliable. Daniel

Asparagus for freezing

The online farmers market is open for orders. We have lots of asparagus now. If you wish to get asparagus for freezing get your orders in. Freezing asparagus is $2.00 per lb when it is available. Freezing asparagus is top quality, fresh asparagus,available whenever the supply is too much for other markets. Minimum order is 30 lbs. We are also preparing for the future- I planted another patch of 5000 crowns this last week at the corner of 11-b and 47. Right now it just looks like a patch of deep furrows in the dirt. I will fill them slowly through the summer as the asparagus grows. It takes several years for the roots to get strong before it should be cut. The expected life-span of a well cared for patch is 15-50 years. Enjoy the springtime. Daniel

Asparagus tips

The online farmers market is open for orders. I just came in from cutting the first 100 lbs of asparagus of the season. It feels good to have some warm sun on the back and to smell springtime fragrances.
We will be opening the stand here at the farm at 3 pm today. After today we will be open 10 am- 6 pm, Mon- Sat. the same as past years.
We are excited about welcoming a new baby. Erika was born Thursday evening. She is a big baby (9 lbs 11 oz). We have 8 children now. Phillip is the oldest at 10 years. Emma turned 2 this winter and Brenda is 15 months old. Our house is wonderfully full of little children. Daniel

May 5, 2014

The online farmers market is open for orders. We have lots of nice salad greens from the greenhouse. The tomatoes and cucumbers look nice. It will probably be about a month till they they are ready. They do grow slower in cloudy weather. The asparagus is up but not ready to cut yet. Look for it starting next week through the middle of June.
We got all the onion and leek plants (about 15,000 plants) planted on Tuesday of last week. It was raining by the time we finished but we finished and they can enjoy the cool, moist weather to root fast. We are blessed in that there are many differant soil types on our farmground. The sandiest ground is the only soil that has been at all workable so far this spring. Daniel


The online farmers market is open for orders. There is a lot of good mild arugula in the greenhouse right now. In the last week it has doubled in size. The peas I planted two weeks ago are coming up and the asparagus tips are sitting right under the surface. The maple trees will get their leaves and the asparagus will be grow sometime during the first full week of May. (in Potsdam area)
A farmers life is characterized by a lot of waiting and patience. In the spring we tend to be impatient- it is so cold and wet. Then after things are planted we need to wait many days for the harvest.
If you are a gardener you have also probably noticed that plant growth is not linear. Little plants tend to grow very slowly for a number of weeks and then in a short time grow a great deal.
The farmers life is also characterized by a great deal of precision. Besides waiting we need the be prepared to act in a precise window of time when it is time to plant, harvest etc.
The seasons also come and go more than we tend to be aware of in the spiritual realms. If it is time to reach out and love someone, or listen to your child etc. do it now- tommorrow life has moved on. Daniel

Strawberry update

The online farmers market is open for orders. New for this week is arugula from the greenhouse. There are also wild leeks and chives to add the fresh allium flavors into your diet. I eat wild leeks with popcorn on Sunday afternoons.
In you own backyard you will be able to find dandelion greens soon. I mostly eat dandelions and leeks raw in sandwiches and cut fine into dishes such as potato salads.
I have most of the strawberries out from under their winter cover. They have come through the winter beautifully. I put lots of leaf mulch on then in November to protect them and now this time of the year I rake it back off into the walkways where it helps to keep the berries clean. They are still wonderfully dorment yet. One of the major hazards a strawberry faces is the flowers or buds freezing. The later they start growing in the spring the less chance of losing the crop. If we have a normal May and June look for us to open for U-pick around June 16th give or take a few days. Daniel

I like springtime

I have a limited amout of salad greens ready to eat from the greenhouse. I plan to mix a batch of salad greens on Thursday.(See market page of Martinsfarmstand to order) We plan to open the stand here at the farm the first week in May as soon as the asparagus is ready. I planted the first planting of about 20 lbs of pea seed on Saturday evening. (I plant peas no-till right into the old crop residue as it is still to wet to till ground). They should be ready to eat in about 70-75 days. The overwintered spinach came out of the ice and looks as green and nice as it did in the fall. The sweet tender new growth should be ready to eat in May. In the greenhouse there are flowers on the tomatoes. It takes 7-8 weeks from this stage to ripe tomatoes. The cucumbers also look good.Daniel

Will the gardens grow?

Winter is running out of time. In 5 weeks the asparagus will be ready to eat.
How does this cold March effect us that are growing market gardens. The first thing is it was aweful hard to keep the greenhouse warm enough. Plants got close to freezeing a few times but they did not freeze and the tomatoes are about a foot tall. They look good and are only about 7-10 days behind schedule. This is pretty good with all things considered.
Most of the annual crops are not effected at all as they are cozy and dry in their seed packets.
I will report about the strawberries and raspberries in a few weeks after I get a chance to look at them. Right now all I can see is snow. They stand a good chance of being OK. God has promised us seedtime and harvesttime. Daniel

What do we plan to grow in 2014

Hello, We are excited and ready for another growing season. Here is a list of crops planned for our farms in 2014 with the estimated available dates. These dates are my best guess. The online farmers market is open for orders today. Daniel

Asparagus May 5- June 20
Apples Aug15- Dec 1
Arugula June 20- Nov 15
Blue berries July 15- Sept 1
Basil July 8- Oct1
Beans Green and Yellow July10- Oct 15
Beets Red and Golden July10- Dec 30
Beet Greens June 30- Aug 1
Brussel Sprouts Sept 10- Nov 25
Broccoli June 30- Nov 15
Cilantro and Dill June 25- Nov 10
Cabbage Green and Red June 30- Dec 30
Carrots July 30- Dec 30
Cauliflower Aug 1- Oct 15
Cantalope Aug 15- Sept 15
Celery and Celeriac Sept 10- Nov 15
Cucumbers and pickles July 12- Sept 15
Greenhouse Cucumbers May20- July 15
Greenhouse Kale and Arugula April 30- June 10
Greenhouse Tomatoes May 30- Nov 1
Green Onions (scallions) May 30- Aug 20
Glads, Zinnia , Sunflowers July 15- Sept 20
Eggplant June 15- Oct 1
Garlic July 25- Oct 15
Greenhouse zucchini May 20- July 15
Kale June 30- Dec 15
Kolrabi July 15- Sept 30
Leeks Sept 15- Nov 25
Leaf Lettuce Green and Red May 30- Nov 1
Romaine Lettuce Green and red June 15- Oct 20
Head lettuce June 30- Oct 1
Onions Dry Aug 15- Dec 30
Onions Sweet July 15- Sept 20
Parsley curly and italian June 25- Nov 5
Parsnip Oct 10- April 15
Peas Snap and Hull June 30- July20
Peppers Sweet and Hot July 10- Oct 15
Pears several Kinds Aug 20- Sept 25
Potatoes New July 10- Sept 30
Potatoes white, Red, Russet, Yellow Aug 25- March 10
Rhubarb May 5- June 20
Raspberries Summer July 10- Aug 10
Raspberries Fall Aug 25- Oct 15
Radish June 15- Nov 10
Radichio Sept 1- Oct 30
Rutabaga Sept 15- Feb 1
Salad Mix May 30- Nov 5
Spinach Overwintered May 10- May 25
Spinach June 15- Nov8
Swiss chard June 25- Nov 6
Sweet Corn July 25- Oct 15
SweetPotatoes Sept 10- Nov 1
Strawberries Picked June17- July 4
Strawberries U-pick June 17- July 4
Tomatoes canning Aug25- Sept 25
Tomatoes Many Kinds Aug 10- Oct 15
Tomitilios Aug 10- Oct 15
Turnips Sept 15- Feb 1
Winter Squash Many Kinds Sept 1- Nov 25
Watermelons Aug 15- Oct 15
Zucchini and Yellow Squash July 10- Oct 15

Winter Vacation

Due to a Winter vacation, The market will not open this week (January 13th) or the week of January 20. Thank you! Daniel