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Chicken and biscuts-

Another busy fall day is drawing to a close. There are still lots of canning tomatoes and beans. Do not procrasinate too long to get yours though- this season will come to an end by and by. We also have lots of cantalope that are so good. Again they are only in season for a few moments so enjoy them now and then it is time to move on to the next seasons food.

We plan to dress the first of the meat chickens that we are raising tommorrow. They will be available at the stand for $3.50 per lb. For those of you that wish to stock up your freezer we have a 10% discount if you take 6 or more chickens.

Also on this weeks agenda is the main winter squash harvest and the start of the sweet potato digging. I like this cooler fall weather and there is even something lovely about a cool, rainy morning like this morning. It was a good excuse to enjoy the house a bit longer before going out to start picking. Daniel