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Open Labor day

Yes, our stand will be open today as normal from 10 am till 6 pm. Some of the highlights that you will find in abundace is lots of sweet corn, cantalope, watermelon, tomatoes of every sort including lots of canners, and lots of salad ingredients such as lettuce etc. There is also plenty of beans, peppers, brocoli and nice young green onions.

I also have glads, sunflowers, and zinnia. If you pick a bunch of flowers up you could have them for the evening and then take them into work in the morning to brighten the workplace.

It is time to be stocking up for the winter for your storage onion and garlic needs. They are mostly cured. Winter squash, leeks and such like are coming soon.

Today 13 years ago Mendy, and I were married. I think a man with a good wife is pretty rich. There is nothing else quite so wonderful as a couple that is really together in heart and soul. Daniel